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Forex market updates. All open bank positions

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Forex market updates, several positions were opened by leading players on the market. In this article, you will read about the update of all open bank positions as of 01/05/2020 that we know of.

TD Bank, the seventh-largest U.S. bank by deposits and the 8th largest bank in the United States by total assets, opened a short position on EUR/USD. The opening price is 1.0975. TD Bank also set a take profit at a price of 1.0495 USD and a stop loss at a price of 1.1185 USD.

The multinational media conglomerate, Thomson Reuters IFR, changed stop loss on GBP/USD sell position from 1.2765 to 1.2610 USD. The opening price is at a price of 1.264 USD.

And let’s see the updated information for all the open FOREX bank position for which we have information, we will keep you informed of any change related to them. The table shows the currency pair, the bank that opened the position, the type of position, the opening price, the target, the stop loss, and the date the position was opened.

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SymbolBankOrder typePriceTPSLOpening date
GBP/USDReuters IFRSELL1.2641.2431.26101.05.2020
GBP/USDTD BankSELL1.2551.1851.2730.04.2020
EUR/USDTD BankSELL1.09751.04951.118501.05.2020
EUR/GBPCredit AgricoleBUY0.86870.9150.8530.04.2020
EUR/GBPTD BankBUY0.88230.9150.860506.04.2020
EUR/JPYMorgan StanleySELL116.8611112324.03.2020
USD/CADBank of AmericaBUY1.4121.5251.3927.03.2020
USD/CADTD BankBUY1.4051.4651.372531.03.2020
USD/JPYReuters IFRSELL106.89105.21107.7730.04.2020
USD/JPYMorgan StanleySELL107.6810411020.04.2020
EUR/CHFMorgan StanleyBUY1.05431.081.04816.03.2020
EUR/CHFGoldman SachsSELL1.05211.021.06721.04.2020
EUR/CHFJP MorganSELL1.05441.021.07516.03.2020
EUR/CHFCredit AgricoleBUY1.0741.151.0409.03.2020
AUD/JPYCredit AgricoleSELL69.756471.5530.04.2020

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We hope you find this information useful, but be sure to rely entirely on your own knowledge. Before making investment decisions, first, make a detailed analysis and then act. Protect your own funds!

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