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Forex market updates, TD Bank and Morgan Stanley with changes on their positions

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All the updates to the bank positions on the forex market until 30th May

In this article, we will provide you with information about all the changes to all bank positions on the forex market until May 30th. Morgan Stanley and TD Bank made several changes to their positions.

TD Bank, seventh-largest U.S. bank by deposits and the 8th largest bank in the United States by total assets, made several changes on its long CHF/JPY position before closing in it at the and of the trading day. First, they changed the stop loss from 109.75 to 111.51 JPY. After this, they made a second change of the stop loss from 111.51 to 111.81 JPY, and the third change from 111.81 to 111.91 JPY. TD Bank closed the position on the price of 112.18 JPY. They were buying from the price of 111.31 JPY. The bank also made a change in the stop loss of its USD/CAD long position from 1.3700 to 1.3725 CAD. They are buying from level 1.4022 CAD.

The American multinational investment bank and financial services company Morgan Stanley closed a short position on USD/CAD at a price of 1.3825 CAD. They were selling from the price of 1.4027 CAD.

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Opened positions

And let’s see the updated information for all the open FOREX bank position for which we have information, we will keep you informed of any change related to them. The table shows the currency pair, the bank that opened the position, the type of position, the opening price, the target, the stop loss, and the date the position was opened.

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SymbolBankPosition typePriceTPSLLast update
AUD/USDTD BankSELL0.64460.61750.6720.05.2020
EUR/GBPJP MorganBUY0.89490.950.86825.05.2020
EUR/GBPTD BankBUY0.88230.9150.860506.04.2020
EUR/JPYMorgan StanleySELL116.8611112324.03.2020
USD/CADTD BankBUY1.40221.4651.372529.05.2020
USD/CADBank of AmericaBUY1.4121.5251.3927.03.2020
EUR/CHFStandard CharteredSELL1.05920.951.0820.05.2020
EUR/CHFJP MorganSELL1.05441.021.07516.03.2020
EUR/CHFCredit AgricoleBUY1.0741.151.047514.05.2020

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We hope you find this information useful, but be sure to rely entirely on your own knowledge. Before making investment decisions, first, make a detailed analysis and then act. Protect your own funds!

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