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PRO FOREX SIGNAL Generator for Meta Trader 5


PRO Forex SIGNAL Generator or PROFXSIGNAL is an outstanding trading system designed primarily to trade with all kinds of CFD financial instruments on the Meta Trader 5 trading platform. The “PROFXSIGNAL Generator” is a trading system that uses a very special algorithm based on advanced Forex indicators.

You will get an ARROW signal on your chart ONLY if all the indicators and filters are in agreement! The signals (arrows) are constant! Make sure to read all the recommendations and especially “How to use the software (and when)”. We advise that you read and make sure you understand the entire system before putting it into practice. Experiment and gain experience in demo accounts before trading with your own money. If you find that you need further help or have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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PRO FOREX SIGNAL Generator for Meta Trader 5 contains the following technical indicators: RSI(14) STOCH(9,6), STOCHRSI(14), MACD(12,26), ADX(14), Williams %R, CCI(14), ATR(14), Highs/Lows(14), Ultimate Oscillator, ROC, Bull/Bear, and Power(13).

PROFXSIGNAL Generator for Meta Trader 5 combines the listed technical indicators and generates from them the signals for trading with a special code. You don’t have to stare at your computer all day and do complex technical analyzes. All you have to do is install our system and wait for the right signal to appear from the pop-up. We have simplified and facilitated the use of these indicators, as they are not visible to you.

They are inside the code. What you see are just input signals. You do not need to be a great specialist in this type of trading to use our super-profitable and simple trading system. Just watch for the signals, follow the risk policy, and enjoy the profits.

The most important is the human factor and careful management of positions. Follow strict trading rules and carefully plan the risk management. You can also combine the PROFXSIGNAL Generator for Meta Trader 5 with levels of resistance and support and trend lines to be able to most accurately determine whether the signal you are receiving is good or not.

PRO Forex signal Stop Loss

All the buy and sell signals are highly accurate – that means you can keep your stop loss very tight. A stop loss level will be automatically calculated and displayed in your popup alert window. It is a previous bar (high or low value) + your personal extra value. Number in the indicator INPUTS – by default 200 – for 5 digits broker it is equal to 20 pips. Remarks: The preset extra number will be added to the previous bar high or low and displayed in your popup alert ( 100 = 10 pips for 5 digits brokers, 10=10 for 4 digits brokers) – change it if you like a tight stop loss for example 5 pips =50 for 5 digit brokers or =5 for 4 digit brokers)

Exiting Trades (take profit)

Exit trades when the software issues the opposite trading signal. This ensures that you trade with maximum profits and right before the market reverses.

Set your own profit target, for example, 30-40 pips per trade and exit all trades as soon as you reach your profit target – do not wait until the software gives you an opposite signal. This is the safest way of trading and reduces your risk level.

How to use the forex signal software and when?

If you want the software to be profitable for you – you have to follow all the trading rules. If you don’t follow even one of the rules below – we can’t guarantee you a good winning ratio. I agree and understand that it is not easy to be a disciplined trader and always follow the rules – but we have to do it.

It is very important not to open positions before big news, for this purpose every trader must have an economic calendar on hand to follow strictly. You can use the economic calendar of Bulls and Bears.

Always open a position only if it is on-trend. If you have a signal for a long position and the trend is bearish, do not open a buy position. Wait for the sell signal and collect the profit. If you have opened a long position, close it when a sell signal appears. That’s why the signals come without a take profit, so you can make the most of the signal until the opposite occurs.

Sample trades and signals

Red arrow- SELL signal

Blue arrow – BUY signal

Sample alert

forex signal pop up mt5

Entering Trades

Long trades occur when the PROFX SIGNAL Generator shows a Blue arrow + popup alert

forex signal up trend mt5

Short trades occur when the PROFXSIGNAL Generator shows a Red arrow + popup alert

forex signal down trend mt5

Important: The popup alert is your confirmed signal to enter a trade

Use the forex signal software’s buy or sell signals only on a clear strong trend:

– Identify the current trend.

– Ignore all signals against a current trend!


The trend is up – but you get a “sell” signal (ignore it!)

Wait for a “buy” signal to enter.

Do not trade on a side (sideways trend) – ignore all signals.

This rule is extremely important – MUST follow the rule. If you don’t follow this rule

This software works with all financial instruments in your Meta Trader 5 trading platform, without exception! It works also for all timeframes (1-min (extremely risky), 5-min(average risk), 15-min(risky), 30-min(average), 1-hour(best), 4-hour(good), 1-day(good))

Money management is a very important concept that has an enormous effect on drawdowns and margin calls. The cardinal rule of money management is the following: You should only risk 1-5% of your account on any single trade!

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By purchasing this system, you get lifetime access to super-accurate FOREX signals. The payment is one-time, and the generator remains yours forever!

Attention! Follow the instructions in the file carefully

Please do not trade during economic news. Use our Еconomic calendar for this purpose.

Please be aware of the loss, risk, and personal or otherwise consequences of the use and application of this trading software’s content. The creator and the publisher are not responsible for any actions that you undertake and will not be held accountable for any loss.



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