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FOREX Magic Divergence Indicator


We are pleased to present a unique indicator and trading system. This indicator detects the available divergences and displays them on the price chart. FOREX Divergence Indicator is a unique product. It will accurately show you all the divergences without having to stare at the chart. It is suitable for traders who incorporate and rely on divergence strategies. The indicator works on all time frames. You can use it only on Meta Trader 4 platform.

Make sure you understand the entire system before putting it into practice. Experiment and gain experience in demo accounts before trading with your own money. If you find that you need further help or have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

By buying this product you also get 2 fabulous Forex pdf books.

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FOREX Magic Divergence Indicator

Trading through the use of a divergence indicator. In Forex, this is one of the most popular strategies among traders. The divergences show with great accuracy. The reversal of the market sentiment. The transitions from a bullish to a bearish trend. As well as the opposite.

What is the divergence in FOREX?

Divergences are standard strategies of stock speculators. Using divergences in combination with other instruments can lead to impressive results. Obtained by comparing the behavior of the price with the movement of a given technical indicator. The stochastic, MACD, RSI, and any other oscillators. They can be used as technical indicators.

Magic Divergence Indicator

As a result of many years of trading with divergence strategies. The Bulls and Bears’ trading team developed a special trading indicator. Last and the best version. Perfectly design by learning from mistakes. Whit this indicator every trader can detect divergences without tension.

We have made it possible

We have made its use as easy as possible. The indicator draws trends through the oscillator. This is a combination of Stochastic, MACD, and RSI. The signals are incredibly accurate. You will repeatedly improve the success of your trading on the market. Not only but also by using this trading indicator.

Once the divergence is detected by the indicator. You will receive a pop-up on your chart. You will see a detailed buy/sell signal. Now you will know when to place an order.

Divergence indicator alert

  1. It is very important not to open orders before big news. For this purpose, every trader must have an economic calendar on hand to follow strictly. You can use the economic calendar on our website.
  2. The most important thing when using indicators and systems is to use strict money and management. Rely on your knowledge about the market, also the trading as a whole.
  3. Always open a position only if it is on-trend. If you have a signal for a long position, but the trend is bearish. Do not open a buy position. Wait for the sell signal and collect the profit. You can do this in the opposite direction as well.
  4. If you have opened a long position, close it when a sell signal appears. The same is true for the opposite situation. Always use stop-loss and take profit. Please do not trade during economic news. Use our Еconomic calendar for this purpose.

Please be aware of the loss, risk, and personal or otherwise consequences of the use and application of this trading software’s content. The creator and the publisher are not responsible for any actions that you undertake and will not be held accountable for any loss.

By buying this product you also get 2 fabulous Forex pdf. books.

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