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For the first time, investment in green energy has caught up with that of fossil fuels

Investment in green energy

For the first time, investment in green energy exceed $1 trillion in 2022

Investment in green energy

Last year, investment in green technologies and the energy transition, in general, caught up with investment in fossil fuels for the first time, according to Bloomberg NEF analysis. For the first time in activities such as energy storage, electrification of transport, renewable energy, etc. $1.1 trillion has been invested. The amount is the same in the oil, gas and coal, and power generation industries, but without emissions capture technologies, the analysts added.

Last year was a milestone for the green industry and in another respect – compared to 2021, investments increased by 250 billion. dollar, the sharpest increase ever. Part of it is due to inflation, which makes equipment and other costs more expensive. But the influence is not so great – about 8%, the agency estimates.

green energy
Picture from Bloomberg

A large part of the investments in the green transformation is directed towards new RES capacities and electrification of transport reported Bloomberg. Last year, 350 gigawatts of new solar and wind capacity were installed, and electric car sales topped 10 million.

Interest in carbon capture technologies is growing and investment has tripled to $3.6 billion. Overall, investment in all green activities, excluding nuclear power, has been at a record high over the past year.

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