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Reuters IFR Sell Limit triggered on EUR/GBP

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The sell limit order of Reuters IFR was triggered on EUR/GBP with an opening price of 0.8725 GBP. The goal was unset and the Stop Loss was at the price of 0.8825 GBP. Later Reuters IFR set up a take profit to 0.8575 GBP and changed the stop loss from 0.8825 to 0.8785 GBP.

We present to you the updates for all limited FOREX bank orders for which we have information, we will keep you informed of any change related to them. The table shows the currency pair and the bank that opened the limit position. The type of position, the opening price, the target, and the stop loss. Also, the date the position was opened.

We hope you find this information useful, but be sure to rely entirely on your own knowledge. Before making investment decisions, first, make a detailed analysis and then act. Protect your own funds!

euro pound triggered limit posiotion
SymbolBankLimit OrderPriceЦельStop/LossДата размещения
GBP/USDReuters IFRBUY1.214NI1.20430.03.2020
GBP/USDReuters IFRBUY1.201NI1.19106.04.2020
AUD/USDReuters IFRBUY0.61NI0.630.03.2020
USD/JPYReuters IFRSELL108.15NI109.1513.04.2020
GBP/JPYTD BankSELL130.55127.1132.606.04.2020

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