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Easy FOREX Trading Signals

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Everyone wants to generate profitable forex trading signals, but there is a catch!

Many traders want to receive accurate FOREX trading signals to increase the return on their investment portfolio. And make some easy money. A lot of people are paying crazy money to get those easy forex trading signals and start profiting. But is it really worth it? They’re not always accurate, and this is normal because the market sometimes is unpredictable. That’s why there must be clear rules for using those signals.

Also, the receipt itself and the difference in their implementation do not give us the desired results. Imagine receiving forex trading signals in a telegram group and having to enter the market quickly, it’s not easy. The difference between receiving the signal and opening the position can sometimes be huge and cost us money and nerves. Where does this signal come from? What is its logic? Is it possible for me to generate my own signals and decide when to enter the market?

We have a solution to all these issues. It’s called Nostradamus Trading Signal Generator for Meta Trader 4.

Do you want to see Nostradamus in action? Watch the video at the end of this article!

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What is the Nostradamus trading signal generator?

Nostradamus is a FOREX trading signal generator for Meta Trader 4 that works with two indicators. When the two indicators are combined, they are able to detect when the market is ready to move up or down. Our forex trading generator detects the dominance of buyers or sellers at a given time and gives a buy or sell signal, respectively. This trading tool is extremely convenient to use, as you receive a signal you can instantly open a position. In the pop-up, you will see the price at which to open the position, as well as a set stop loss.

This is a complex algorithm that is extremely accurate in its judgment. However, there are a few simple rules to use, as the market is still driven by market sentiment.

  1. It is very important not to open positions before big news, for this purpose every trader must have an economic calendar on hand to follow strictly. You can use the economic calendar of Bulls and Bears.
  2. Always open a position only if it is on-trend. If you have a signal for a long position and the trend is bearish, do not open a buy position. Wait for the sell signal and collect the profit.
  3. If you have opened a long position, close it when a sell signal appears. That’s why the signals come without a take profit, so you can make the most of the signal until the opposite occurs.

Follow the rules and you will take it easy Forex

The Nostradamus signal generator is based on an algorithm used by supercomputers on major exchanges by NASDAQ traders. But of course, the most important is the human factor and careful management of positions. Adherence to strict trading rules and carefully planned risk management. You can also combine this system with levels of resistance and support and trend lines to be able to most accurately determine whether the signal you are receiving is good or not.

Nostradamus is suitable for all types of traders and gives signals at all times. Using it in a one-minute time frame is too risky, but it can still produce good results. For scalpers, we recommend a 5 and 15-minute time frame, day traders can use the one-hour frame and the long-term traders’ daily frame.

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Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions!

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By purchasing this indicator, you get lifetime access to super-accurate FOREX signals. The payment is one-time, and the generator remains yours forever!

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