Ultra-Precise FOREX Trading Indicators (14 Indicators lot)


Hello Traders,

We are introducing 14 ultra-precious trading indicators for Meta Trader 4 trading platform. You can improve your trading account results many times over. You can use the indicators, both combined and individually.

The indicators work on all time frames. They perform best on a one-hour frame and on a one-minute frame carry a higher risk.

We advise that you read and make sure you understand the entire system before putting it into practice. Experiment and gain experience in demo accounts before trading with your own money. If you find that you need further help or have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Happy trading,
Bulls and Bears trading team

By buying this product you also get 2 fabulous Forex pdf books.

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14 Ultra-precious trading indicators for Meta Trader 4 trading platform

We have prepared especially for you a combination of some of the most accurate trading indicators that have given profits to traders over the years. Those trading indicators are part of our collection and have helped us a lot. We have improved our trading skills thanks to them. We have also created many successful trading systems that work perfectly.

If you buy this product you will find:

1. Trend-following indicators

2. Signal providers

3. Session indicator

4. MA-based signal providers

5. Signal providers

6. Heikin Ashi indicator

7. Ichimoku based strategy

8. FOREX Dashboard trading tool

9. Elliot Waves’ strategy and more…

Indicators can be very accurate when setting correctly according to your trading style. We are always ready to help you with their understanding and adjustment. Do not hesitate to contact us!

  1. It is very important not to open positions before big news, for this purpose every trader must have an economic calendar on hand to follow strictly. You can use the economic calendar of Bulls and Bears.

  2. Always open a position only if it is on-trend. If you have a signal for a long position and the trend is bearish, do not open a buy position. Wait for the sell signal and collect the profit.

  3. If you have opened a long position, close it when a sell signal appears. That’s why the signals come without a take profit, so you can make the most of the signal until the opposite occurs.

Please do not trade during economic news. Use our Еconomic calendar for this purpose.

Please be aware of the loss, risk, personal or otherwise consequences of the use and application of this trading software’s content. The creator and the publisher are not responsible for any actions that you undertake and will not be held accountable for any loss.

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